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Personal Insurance – Home, contents, car, income

Make sure you are adequately covered. Protect yourself against loss or damage of property due to theft, fire or accident with Australian Insurance Brokers, Diford Insurance Brokers. Protect your house, home and contents, protect your car and protect your health and livelihood.

Personal Insurance Australia
Protect your personal possessions with Personal Insurance including Car, Home, Contents and all types of Personal Insurance in Australia

Whether you have home, car or accident insurance or are in the market for new insurance, give us a call to discuss your current and future home, car and accident insurance needs. Don’t find out when it’s too late! We can help you with all types of personal insurance.

Australian Personal Insurance
Ask us about insuring you home, contents and all your personal items

Our Personal Insurance policies cover the following areas and more:

– Contents
– Personal assets and possessions
Motor Vehicles including car, trailer, truck etc
– Boat and marine products
Income protection from accident, sickness and illness
– Natural disasters such as fire, flood or cyclone

We access hundreds of policies and companies to provide you with the most suitable and affordable insurance coverage.

For a Free Health Check on your current insurance coverage or to organise any new coverage that you require –

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