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Public Liability Quotes

As Insurance Brokers providing the best public liability quotes online, we would also advise that it is very pertinent that any public liability coverage one takes out for their business, would only protect them in the event of face to face dealings with clients, if some accident were to happen as a result of you conducting your business in person in a physical location.

Also, in the case of professional indemnity insurance, it is imperative that you must ascertain whether your particular service would be considered an insurable risk in terms of the advice you are giving, that is professional indemnity for advice giving.
Therefore, any public liability coverage would not cover the liability of your interactions and transaction of business via your website or over the internet, and would not necessarily indemnify you from advice given. It would however only protect you in the event of an accident to one of your clients sustained while transacting business face to face.

 Best Public Liability

There are a vast number of insurers on the market including Zurich, QBE, Allianz, Berkley, Vero, BizCover and many, many more. In the event that you wish to take out a policy after this information that I have given, we at Diford Insurance Brokers would be happy to provide you the best liability quotes, as we have access to all the best public liability deals on the market.

 Cheap Public Liability

We pride ourselves on not only arranging cheap policies, but also advising you on the correct coverage, and pointing out if you are under insured, over insured or if a particular type of policy is unnecessary or would never pay out in the event of a claim.

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We love to have the opportunity to act our clients’ personal broker, not only with ventures requiring public liability insurance, but also with meeting all their personal and business needs. We provide advice and policies for all types of general insurance including home, contents, cars, personal and business.
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