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Comprehensive Rigid Truck Insurance is essential in protecting ones’ livelihood. If you are in business, it will also be necessary for gaining important contracts. Most companies will not only require Comprehensive Truck Insurance for contractors and sub-contractors, but will also require other types of commercial insurance as well.

Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Australia are specialists at providing the following:

* Comprehensive Truck Insurance – Prime Mover Insurance and Rigid Truck Insurance

* Public Liability Insurance – Minimum of $10 million or $20 million liability coverage

* Marine Cargo Insurance – Carrier’s Goods In Transit Insurance

* Plant and Equipment Insurance

* Business Insurance to insure premises and storage

* Business Interruption Insurance or Downtime Insurance

* Personal Accident Insurance and/or Workers’ Compensation

We insure all types of vehicle and equipment, and can provide the most competitive insurance quotes for all types of Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance, and Plant and Equipment Insurance as well.

If you have lease or own premises, and/or if you have storage, we can provide Business Insurance to cover you for damage and liability. Additionally, we strongly recommend considering Business Interruption Insurance and/or Downtime Insurance coverage to protect your Business Income.

If you have employees working for you, there will be a requirement by your state or territory government to also have Workers’ Compensation Insurance in place. If you are a sole trader, working director, owner operator or owner driver, you should also consider having your own Personal Accident Insurance policy, also known as Personal Accident and Sickness or Personal Accident and Illness Insurance policy to provide you with a business income in the event of accident or sickness.

Contact us today for quotes on any type of personal or business insurance.

Comprehensive Truck Insurance

If you are a truck owner, Comprehensive Truck Insurance is the cornerstone of an Business’ Insurance requirements, regardless of your occupation.
The best truck insurance for your business, will vary depending upon what a number of underwriting guidelines relating to your business’ unique situation, including the following:

– The occupation and nature of business activity

– Goods being carried, if in the transportation business

– Base location of your business and the radius of transportation

– Business and Insurance history

Contact Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Australia, and allow us to find the most suitable Insurance Package for your business, so that we can compare the best truck insurance quotes available on the market.

Prime Mover Insurance

Truck Insurance for Prime Mover Trucks, Trailers  and Rigid Trucks is imperative if you are a truck owner. We insure any type of Prime Mover or Rigid Truck, including the following popular makes:

– Volvo

– Kenworth

– Scania

– Freightliner

– Western Star

– Hino

– Isuzu


– Mack Truck

– Man

– Nissan


The above list is not exhaustive, but is a sample of popular Rigid Truck and Prime Mover Truck manufactures available for Insurance in Australia.

Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Australia compare Insurance quotes and provide Insurance advice. We have relationships with Underwriters within the Truck Insurance companies that allow us to offer these quotes and provide advice. Contact us so that we can assess your situation  and obtain the best insurance coverage possible.

Rigid Truck Insurance Companies

Rigid Truck Insurance and Prime Mover Insurance are two types of specialty Truck Insurance. Of the main Truck Insurance companies on the Australian market, there are a number who will provide Rigid Truck Insurance and Prime Mover Truck Insurance, depending upon the size of the truck involved. Insurers who allow Insurance coverage for Trucks over 10 Tonnes will usually offer both Rigid Truck Insurance and Prime Mover Insurance, depending upon the nature of the business and the goods being transported. Heavy Rigid Trucks Over 10 Tonnes and Prime Movers comprise Heavy Haulage Truck Insurance.

Prominent International and Australian Truck Insurance companies who offer Heavy Rigid Truck Insurance and Prime Mover Insurance coverage are as follows:

*  NTI Truck Insurance – National Transport Insurance, which is a partnership between Insurance Australia, also known as CGU Insurance, and Vero Insurance

* QBE Truck Insurance – QBE Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

* Global Transport Insurance – GT Truck Insurance

* Zurich Truck Insurance – Zurich Business Insurance, Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

Rigid Truck Insurance

Truck Insurance companies offer a range of Rigid Truck Insurance depending upon the size and usage of the truck. Rigid Truck Insurance is considered based upon the following Rigid Truck categories:

Light Rigid Truck Insurance

Light Rigid Trucks are commercial trucks under 5 Tonnes Carrying Capacity. Well known Truck Insurance companies that can insure Light Rigid Trucks include Allianz,  CGU, NTI, QBE ,Global Transport and Zurich. Other important underwriting considerations include the exact occupation, nature of business activities and type of goods being transported. Common types of trucks in this range include Pantecs and other small trucks and light commercial trucks.

Medium Rigid Truck Insurance

Medium Rigid Trucks are medium size commercial trucks between 5 and 10 Tonnes Carrying Capacity. The same range of Insurers, as with Light Rigid Trucks, will be in the market for this category, again depending upon the occupation, usage and types of goods being carried. Common types of Medium Rigid Trucks include Tautliners, Curtainsiders, Pantecs and Tippers etc.

Heavy Rigid Truck Insurance

Heavy Rigid Truck Insurance is available for large rigid trucks over 10 Tonnes Carrying Capacity and again include Rigid Body types, such as Tautliners, Curtainsiders, Pantecs and Tippers. Insurers such as Allianz and CGU will not insure Heavy Trucks. Heavy Rigid Trucks can instead be insured by market specialists, Global Transport and NTI.  Zurich and QBE are also major Insurers who can insure Heavy Trucks. The insurers that provide coverage for Prime Movers will normally also provide for Rigid Trucks over 10 Tonnes.

Contact Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Australia and allow us to approach the specialty Rigid Truck Insurance companies with an appetite for this type of risk. If you are in business, using a specialty Truck Insurance Broker is definitely the best approach to take, as many Truck Insurers are not available direct to the public and only available via Insurance Brokers.

Tow Truck Insurance

Tow Truck Insurance is a specialty type of Transport Insurance. There  are a limited number of Truck Insurers, in this sector, who provide coverage for this type of Transport Insurance risk. NTI Insurance and a few other Insurers can offer insurance coverage for Tow Trucks and Car Carriers. This will be dependent on the exact type of Truck to be insured, as well as the exact nature of the business activity. On Hook Insurance, Tow Truck Public Liability and Marine Cargo Insurance are also available with Comprehensive Tow Truck Insurance.

Contact Diford Truck Insurance to talk about possible coverage options available and obtain Tow Truck Insurance quotes and advice.

Furniture Removals Insurance

If your business is involved in Home Furniture Moving and/or House to House Furniture Removal, there are only a few Moving Insurance companies on the market, and they are mostly available only through Insurance Brokers. Well known Furniture Removal Insurance companies include major insurers such as NTI Insurance, Global Transport Insurance and Zurich Insurance.

Comprehensive Truck Insurance, Transport Operator’s Public Liability and Marine Cargo Insurance are typically available for Moving Companies. Carrier’s Goods In Transit Insurance is usually available on a Defined Events basis. Our Furniture Removal Insurance Brokers are experienced experts in this specialised type of Transport Insurance.

Truck Insurance Brokers

Diford Truck Insurance Brokers are experts in the Transport, Haulage, Logistics and Trucking industries as well as many other occupations and trades. We insure businesses and trucks Australia wide, with locations serving all Australian states and territories.

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– Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Brisbane

– Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Perth

– Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Melbourne

– Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Adelaide

Truck Insurance Quotes

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