Tow Truck Insurance

Tow Truck Insurance

Tow Truck Insurance is a specialty Insurance coverage in the Truck Insurance segment. If you are in the transport industry and involved in car carrying, or driving a tow truck or tilt tray truck which carries cars and/or machinery, the best way to obtain truck insurance is by appointing a specialist Car Carrying and Tow Truck Insurance Broker. This should be of the highest importance in finding the best insurance coverage at the best premium possible.

Tilt Tray Insurance

Tilt Tray and Tow Truck Insurance is only available from a few insurers on the Australian Truck Insurance market, and finding and comparing these insurers on your own is not an easy task. Most of these truck insurers do not deal directly with the general public, however they are available to Insurance Brokers with access to special truck insurance deals. Australian Tilt Tray and Tow Truck Insurance is definitely a specialty niche and one of the more difficult to do, non standard truck insurance risks.

Car Carrier Insurance | Tow Truck Insurance

Tow Truck Insurance and/or Car Carrier Insurance refers to Insurance for Rigid Trucks and Car Carrying Trailers used for towing or transporting cars. Insurance is available for Car Carriers whose activities include roadside recovery, accident breakdown, machinery cartage and general car carrying between car dealers and clients. Tow Truck Insurance in Australia is available through a specialty Car Carrying and Tow Truck Insurance Broker who has access to the few insurers on the market who cater for this type of insurance risk.

Tow Truck Insurance Broker

Stephen Thomas, Tow Truck Insurance Broker is a specialist in Australian Tow Truck Insurance as well as other types of Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance. Contact Stephen Thomas from Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Australia today for all types of Comprehensive Truck Insurance quotes including Car Carrying, Machinery and Tow Truck Insurance and Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance.


Marine Cargo Insurance

Carrying cars and machinery as a Car Carrier, or towing cars as a Tow Truck driver or transport operator not only requires comprehensive Truck Insurance, but also other types of insurance including Carriers’ Goods In Transit Insurance and Transport Operator’s Public Liability Insurance. As a transport operator or truck driver you are responsible for your client’s cargo, for example cars and/or machinery, and therefore liable for any damage or personal injury to others while you are performing your deliveries. Therefore, additional insurance coverage such as Marine Cargo Insurance, also known as Load Insurance or Carrier’s Goods In Transit Insurance, and Transport Operator’s Public Liability are also of the highest importance. Also, all of these types of coverages are generally a requirement in order to obtain work and/or secure contracts.

Tow Truck Insurance Quotes

Car Carrier and Tow Truck Insurance Quotes are a specialty offered by Diford Truck Insurance Australia. Diford Insurance Brokers has over 40 years experience in the Australian Insurance industry, specializing in Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance and Truck Insurance advice for many years. We offer Tow Truck Insurance Quotes 7 days per week by phone, email and via our website. Contact us today for us to compare online Truck Insurance quotes and provide the best Truck insurance advice possible.

Prime Mover Insurance

Prime Mover Truck Insurance for Car Carriers using a Prime Mover Truck and Car Carrier Trailer is also available from specialty Truck Insurers who offer Insurance for Trucks over 10 tonnes. We have access to Car Carrier Truck Insurance with options for both owned trailers and Non Owned Trailers In Control, as well as Transport Operator’s Public Liability and Marine Cargo Insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Transport Operator’s Public Liability Insurance should be of the highest importance to any transport business owner. Public Liability Insurance provides protection against liability when damage occurs to the property of others or personal injury occurs to others while you are performing your normal business activities. Public Liability Insurance is available through Diford Insurance Brokers in addition to other business coverage.

Accident and Sickness Insurance

Accident and Sickness Insurance is an alternative to Workers’ Compensation Insurance, providing additional coverage for accidents away from work and also for sickness. That is, it provides superior coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us to arrange Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance.

Compare Tow Truck Insurance Quotes

Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Australia are specialists who compare Tow Truck Insurance quotes in all towns and cities, Australia wide. We provide a service of advice and recommendation and we compare online Tow Truck Insurance quotes in Australia.

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