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Truck Insurance Quote

Whether you are a single owner operator (owner driver) or a transport operator with multiple trucks, a fleet of trucks or employing other owner drivers, Diford Truck Insurance Brokers Australia has access to the best truck insurance quotes on the market through a wide array of specialist commercial motor vehicle and commercial truck insurance companies. Contact us today for your truck insurance quote.

Truck Insurance

Truck insurance is a necessity for any business using truck for their trade or transporting goods. Depending upon the usage of your truck or commercial motor vehicle, there a many options as to the best truck insurance. We are specialists at providing coverage for tradesmen and their trade vehicles for all types of occupations as well as transport operators as well. Our commercial motor insurance options also include trade packages and transport operator’s packages with the option of also including business packs to insure premises and public liability, goods in transit marine cargo insurance, business interruption insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Contact us today for the best truck insurance quotes

Top Truck Insurance Companies

Some of the top truck insurers in the Australia truck insurance marker currently are as follows:

– Zurich Business Pack Insurance (Zurich Commercial Motor Insurance, Zurich Truck Insurance)
– Global Transport Insurance (Specialist Truck Insurance company – owned by Allianz Insurance)
– QBE Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance (QBE Trade and Passenger Insurance, QBE Truck Insurance)
– NTI Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance (National Transport Insurance – NTI Truck Insurance, owned by CGU and Insurance Australia)
– Allianz Commercial Motor Insurance ( Truck insurance available for trades other than transport operators, and trucks under 10 tonnes)
CGU Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance (Truck insurance available for trucks under 10 tonnes

Truck Insurance Underwriting

Be prepared to present your claims history when applying for truck insurance, as all truck insurers are now very strict in requiring claims history on previous insurer’s letterhead and proof of current No Claim Bonus discount.

Transport Operator’s Public Liability | Tradesman’s Public Liability

Public Liability insurance to accompany businesses using trucks in their business is available as part of Transport and Trade packages, as well as a stand alone public liability policy. Most contracts require a minimum of ten or twenty million dollars of liability coverage. These are the two most common requirements, and oftern there is only a price difference in the vicinity of $100 or $200 depending upon what is required. All the major truck insurance companies above, offer options for public liability insurance, marine cargo insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

Marine Cargo Insurance | Carriers Goods in Transit Insurance

Carriers goods in transit insurance applies when you require coverage to insure the load you are transporting, when the goods do not belong to you, but you are transporting in behalf of your client. If you are transporting your own goods that you own, there are also other types of marine cargo insurance that specifically cover your own goods. For all marine cargo insurance quotes, carriers goods in transit insurance quotes and public liability insurance quotes, please contact Diford Insurance Brokers for your insurance quote.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Legislation differs slightly from state to state, but generally if you are an employer employing employees, or even an employee of your own company, you will require workers’ compensation insurance, or you may be able to have an accident and sickness insurance policy, depending upon which sate you are in. Please check this with the relevant authorities on your state. We can provide workers compensation with an number of workers comp insurance companies, including Allianz Insurance, Vero Insurance, GIO Insurance, QBE Insurance etc. Make sure you are covered correctly and conforming to the law. Contact us today for your workers’ compensation quote.

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