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What is Workers Comp?

Employees are your most valuable asset, and you can protect them and your business with Workers Compensation Insurance (workers comp).

What does Workers Compensation Insurance cover?

– Workers Comp covers injuries at work and while commuting to and from worker. For Example, if an employee is hurt while lifting inventory.

– Workers Comp covers employees while driving to and from work. For example, if an employee gets in an accident while driving to work.

Who does Workers Compensation protect?

-Workers Comp protects both employees and employers from the financial impacts of work related injuries

Workers Comp

Workers Compensation Insurance is also know as Workers Comp.

How does Workers Compensation protect employees?

– Workers Comp provides benefits for work related injury or illness

– Workers Comp pays employees’ medical expenses

– Workers Comp helps to replace lost pay while out of work or disabled for a period of time

How does Workers Compensation protect employers?

– When an injured worker obtains Workers Compensation benefits they cannot sue the employer for damages

Workers Compensation Coverage for Sole Proprietors

Even if you are a Sole Proprietor with no employees, there are good reason to buy Workers Compensation, as it can cover your own medical expenses and lost pay while recovering.

Workers Compensation benefits for Sole Proprietors

– Workers Comp covers medical expenses

– Workers Comp covers lost income.

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Workers Compensation Quotes


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