Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Insurance Brokers in Australia

Q. How do I contact Diford Insurance Brokers?
A. We are Insurance Brokers in Australia, Insurance experts serving all of Australia . Our contact points are as follows:

Call Stephen – PHONE: 0487-127-640

Q. What type of insurance does Diford Insurance Brokers advise on and offer it’s clients?
A. We offer all types on General Insurance including the following Personal and Business Insurance products:

Personal and Domestic General Insurance

Home Insurance
Home and Contents Insurance
Motor Vehicle Insurance – Car, Motorcycle, Auto
Cargo Insurance – Road and Marine Cargo Insurance
Boat  Insurance
Accident and Sickness Insurance
Income Protection Insurance
Natural Disaster – Fire, Flood, Storm, Hail, Cyclone

Commercial, Business and Professional General Insurance

Buildings, Construction
Plant, Stock, Contents
Public Liability
Product Liability
Professional Indemnity
Vehicle – Car, Truck, Trailer
Information Technology
Industrial Relations

Q. Which insurance companies does Diford Insurance Brokers offer?
A. Diford Insurance Brokers is not tied to any insurance company. We have access to hundreds of products and companies, and work on behalf of our clients to find the broadest coverage at the most competitive and affordable rates. We have 40 years of experience, knowledge, contacts and relationships within insurance companies to help us negotiate unique coverages that may not be available in the direct marketplace when dealing direct with these insurance companies.

Some of the major insurers we use include the following Australian and International Insurance companies:

  • QBE Insurance
  • NTI Insurance – National Transport Insurance (A joint venture between IAG Insurance Australia – CGU and Vero)
  • Global Transport Insurance (A subsidiary of Allianz Insurance for trucks over 10 tonne)
  • Allianz Insurance
  • Zurich Insurance
  • CGU Insurance
  • AIG Insurance
  • Berkley Insurance
  • UAA Insurance
  • Vero Insurance
  • Calliden Insurance and Calibre Insurance
  • Steadfast Insurance
  • And many many more!

Q. Why should I choose Diford Insurance Brokers as my broker?
A. Our experience and level of service is of the highest standard and enables us to provide the highest quality advice. Our credentials and relationships with the insurance companies, provides us with access to the most affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage for our clients. Contact us today for a free review of your situation

For a Free Health Check on your current insurance coverage or to organise any new coverage that you require –

CONTACT US NOW for a FREE QUOTE & FREE INSURANCE REVIEW of your coverage needs with access to some of the most comprehensive and best value products on the market.

Call Stephen: 0487127640

Frequently Asked Questions
Australian Insurance Brokers who are experts in all types of Personal and Commercial Insurance including Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance, Trucks, Machinery, Public Liability, Marine Cargo and Accident Sickness etc. Contact us today for a FREE review and Quote
Frequently Asked Questions