Insurance Brokers in Australia

Insurance Brokers in Australia

Why do some consumers deal direct with Australian insurance companies, rather than with insurance brokers?

Often, consumers do not think to use an insurance broker, or they perceive an insurance broker to be a middle man, who is an unnecessary third party. Consumers sometimes think that this means they will occur additional costs and possible mistakes. Advertising by big insurance companies to ‘go direct’ in recent years, has unfortunately encouraged and compounded this feeling.

However, there is now a growing popularity to go straight to insurance brokers in Australia, as more and more consumers become aware of the superior service, greater coverage and reduced costs of brokers.

Insurance brokers in Australia, Diford Insurance Brokers, has over 35 years experience in providing its clients around Australia with the lowest premiums and most comprehensive insurance coverage.

What is important when buying insurance?

Cost of insurance premiums.
Ease of obtaining insurance coverage.
Speed of issuing the insurance policy and paying claims.
Comprehensive insurance coverage and peace of mind that everything is covered.

Comparison of insurance when bought directly from insurance companies, or when  bought through an insurance broker.

1. Cost of insurance premiums

Contrary to popular belief, broker pricing is very often better than direct insurance pricing. Australian insurance brokers provide advice, recommendations and source many different insurance policies from many different insurance companies in Australia.

One of the reasons for brokers being able to provide cheaper premiums than insurance companies is that they have access to so many more products from multiple companies, and have access to special deals offered exclusively to brokers.

Why would insurance companies provide special broker pricing?

Its quite simple!  Because,  the risk is lower for the insurance company. Brokers are professionally trained to choose the correct policy for their customers, and not to under insure, therefore avoiding unnecessary claims while maintaining the correct premium income.

‘Cutting out the middle man’ it seems, does not save money or time. On the contrary! Australian insurance brokers, Diford Insurance Brokers in Brisbane, can very often save you a lot of money due to our connections within many different insurance companies, access to special deals for brokers, and years of experience and expertise in thinking outside of the box to find you the best solution.

2. Ease of obtaining insurance coverage

We find this very surprising, but the majority of consumers are under the impression that buying policies directly would be the easiest option for them. After trying both, almost all consumers change their mind. So many of our clients are at first surprised that we are able to save them money, and very impressed by the amounts they are now saving.

Brokers generally offer a far superior and more personalised service over the phone, face to face and online. In fact, Diford Insurance Brokers goes out of their way for their clients. And, are far, far more pro-active after they receive the initial quote request from the client or prospective client. Our brokers always answer queries by phone call if possible, with supporting information also being sent by personal email. It is our mission to reassure clients and prospective clients with a human service.

In comparison, most direct services completely fall down when queries or changes are required that are less common, particularly later in the policy life cycle. Brokers also really shine through in the servicing department.

3. Speed of issuing the insurance policy and paying claims

Insurance Brokers in Australia, Diford Insurance Brokers are extremely quick in answering quote requests by personal follow up.Also, the results are consistently more accurate, with the client receiving a more affordable quote, more quickly, without them having to mess around with online systems which are not so user friendly, and that do not take their individual circumstances into account.

There is also a marked difference when it comes to documentation requests and one off queries. The direct services often fall back to large call centres whose staff have little or no real insurance knowledge. In this areas brokers were more efficient, making suggestions our consumers found highly useful, saving them lots of time.

Principal Insurance Broker at Diford Insurance Brokers, Geoff Thomas, has over 35 years experience in helping clients as a qualified insurance broker. Therefore, you will always be in the most capable hands of a professionally qualified insurance expert!

4. Comprehensive insurance coverage and peace of mind that everything is covered

Few surprises here. Brokers are  far more efficient at cross checking policies than consumers, and also very good at educating their customers, explaining what types of cover are available and answering queries.

Direct processes  put far too much focus on the consumer to do this work himself/herself to be able to compete with the level of service provided by brokers.

Also, many direct insurance companies centre around only covering the low risk policies, and leaving many consumers with non-standard requirements high and dry.

Brokers, being far better equipped to deal with specific insurance questions and used to a human discussion, provide clients a much stronger feeling that they were in safe hands.Also, it goes without saying that the trust conveyed by brokers is far superior.

Summary of Results

Who is superior?  Broker or Direct?

Broker wins out in all areas!

Diford Insurance Brokers are experts in all areas of general insurance in Australia. Phone Geoff Thomas today, at Australian insurance brokers for all your personal, business, commercial and liability insurance needs. Home insurance, contents, car, motor vehicle, fire, theft, company, marine, boat, IT, sports, legal, accident etc, we do it all!

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Insurance Brokers in Australia

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